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Parallel crcy area (crcy type 30) missing for area 01 ch. of deprec. 2000

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Hi All,

I have created 1 CC with INR and Group currency EUR and 1 additional currency with USD (Hard Currency).

1. Define Settings for Journal Entry Ledger: For OL > company code and Accounting principle (60) assigned and for A1 (NL) created and assigned to company code and accounting principle.

2. I copied COD 0IN to 2000 and  maintained 01 depreciation area (accounting principle 60) and 02 (A2 accounting principle). both depreciations are maintained with "Area Posts Real Time "

3. Transfer of Specify APC values > 01 and 02 (ValAd maintained 00)

4. Specify Transfer of Depreciation terms > TTr  (00 for both)

5. Assignment CC to COD > Below error is coming.

Parallel crcy area (crcy type 30) missing for area 01 ch. of deprc. 2000

Message No: ACC_AA116

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Answers (1)

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you have to create additional depr area for every assignment CC-Ledger-Additional currency.

Eg. if you assign CT 30 to CC-0L, then you need to create Depr.area that will convert values from Depr.area 01

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I am also facing the same issue, however I have already created 2 Dep Area's. Can you advise.