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Dear Experts,

I have an issue on the paid leaves which is given to employees.We have 3 types of paid absences which is given to the employees on a yearly basis.

1) Annual Leave 21 days a year

2) Sick Leave    15 days a year

3) Maternity Leave 60 days a year.

The problem is wen i apply for a paid leave an amount is coming in the RT and a wagetype MT30 is forming with that amount in the payroll log.

So the basic salary is coming in payroll and an amount is coming in addition to the basic salary as paid leave.

I dont want this amount to form in the payroll log.The number of paid days should only reflect in the payroll log not the amount.

Kindly advice me on this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If I understand you correctly, you want a Paid Absence that does not generate a separate payment.

In your Country's  Payroll section of the IMG, look at Absence Valuation (table view VV_T554C_C).

You  could change your configuration so that the Absences generate an Information WT instead of WT MT30, or as a last resort, you could create PCRs that makes WT MT30 "disappear".

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