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Packing material in inbound delivery - intercompagny process with SPED

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I am processing intercompany stock transfer using SPED functionality, with automatic creation of inbound delivery.

Using HUM and WM storage location managed, I would like to add automatic packing material items in inbound delivery.

What I did already check:

1. there is a plant in HU (packing material type in transaction VHAR; plant determination: B).

2. there is an item category in HU (transaction 0184; following entry: EL / "blank" / PACK / / ELP -> Inbound delivery type EL, packing material has general item category group "blank" , then I expect item cat ELP in inbound delivery).

With these settings, automatic creation of inbound delivery does not work anymore: output SPED failed. Error message is VN056:

"Processing log for program /SPE/STO_ID_PROCESSING routine STO_ID_CREATION". When I check output analysis, it is mentioned for SPED : "Output ignored (requirement 408 not fulfilled)".

I also tried with following setting:

transaction 0184; delete previous setting; add following entry: EL / VERP / PACK / / ELP -> Inbound delivery type EL, packing material with general item category group VERP.

In that case, automatic inbound delivery creation OK but no packing material in it.

Any idea to help me?

Thanks in advance.

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In 0VLK (Define Del. type), please check whether the indicator "Generation of Delivery Items for HU Packaging Materials" is checked?

Please read the help text on this indicator. There is also a control available in "Define Packaging material Types".

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your reply.

Indicator "Generation of Delivery Items for HU Packaging Materials" was not checked in delivery type. So I added it.

But still no packing material in inbound delivery...

And when I set indicator B "Item generation in first packed delivery" as GenerateDlvtms in VHAR, then inbound delivery is no more automatically created. Output SPED failed again due to "Processing log for program /SPE/STO_ID_PROCESSING routine STO_ID_CREATION".

Other idea?

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A few years ago I got some help that got some Inbound delivery functionality working, but it was never put into production.

1. Receiving storage location specified on the STO.

2. Receiving points set up in the receiving plant: IMG > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Shipping Point & Goods Receiving Point Determination > Assign Goods Receiving Points for Inbound Deliveries.

3. On packaging material to be used the assigned packaging material group should coincide with the IMG setting of the packaging material type assigned to the packaging material group.

4. Assigned movement type 101 to the DIGN item category: IMG > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Deliveries > Define Item Categories for Deliveries

Other settings but not mandatory

1. In delivery copying control assigned source NL to target DIG: IMG > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Deliveries > Copying Control > Specify Copy Control for Deliveries > Define Item Categories for Deliveries

2. Make packing control mandatory for item category DIGN: IMG > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Deliveries > Packing > Packing Control by Item Category

3. HUM Required for Plant/Storage Location: IMG > Logistics General > Handling Unit Mgmt > Basics > Technical Basics > Materials Mgmt > Inventory Mgmt > HU Requirement for Storage Locations

In our process the HU was already created in the Outbound delivery for the STO. These HU were then copied to the Inbound delivery. It still works in our DEV client, but it's not being used. Hope it helps.

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Hello Paul,

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

In my settings, all mandatory data were already filled, only one optional not.

At least, this still does not work.

I made a new test by manually creating inbound delivery (delete SPED condition record ) to maybe got any idea.

When I filled HU number (the same than outbound) in inbound delivery, I did receive one packing item (item cat ELP (which is not the same you mentioned (DIG) but no impact I guess because everything is well configure)), but what I noticed is plant for this item is not receiving plant, but still shipping plant (from outbound)!

I think this comes from plant of packaging material in HU, which is still shipping plant!

I don't understand why because plant determination in packaging material type is B "plant determined from the first item that was packed".

I also tested with a new HU that I just created, and I have the right plant in packing item, means the receiving one.

Maybe this problem has also an impact when SPED functionality is active.

Would you have an idea to solve it?

Or someone else?

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Hi all,

Does someone could help me?

Thank you in advance.

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Is there someone who could help find a solution?

Thank you in advance.

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I finally found solution.

Problem comes from item requirement 201 from delivery type EL (0VLK): SPED program runs an error with this requirement.

I did change it into 202, and it works without other impact (it seems).