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Packing at delivery note & billing

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Let me put my req:

I have created delivery, ( am using Packing process in delivery)

I have done packing ,its working fine.

When I take the output ( output type:LD00- delivery note) , main item & sub item ( packing item ) also appearing in delivery note.

am not sure, is it right practice to print packing item in delivery note?

( all this packing items can be printed on PL00- Packing list including Handling Unit Numbers)

I have created a sales order- vth FERT material .

created delivery wrt sales order-

When you select line item in delivery n click in Edit-pack, system will prompt with the screen which appears in upper section is for packing items & lower section is for fert materials.

Here we need to choose fert material & enter the qtty in "partialy qtty" filed (expected no.of units to be packed in packing material" & click on "per partial qtty" , so that system search for suitable packing material. then all the fert material will be packed into packing materials.

Once we clik on"F3/back" icon, we will observe that packing material will be displayed as subitem & fert will be in main item.

in picking tab:- we pick both the line items n press "PGI".

now delivery will be saved. To create billing VF01 - enter delivery doc no,

at the stage, system actually shouldnt copy the subitem(packing items ) into billing, where as in my case,system is copying packing items into billing.

I have nt changed either copy control from LF-F2 or TAL std settings in IMG.

Still system copying packing items into billing.

any inputs???

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Answers (2)

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Is it really a problem?

If you send for example a pallet to a customer, shouldn't invoice the pallet to the customer?

If the customer does want to pay for the packing material, then generate by default a free of charge item or change the customizing so the category item by default is not relevant for invoicing.

This is not a packing specific problem, if you add manually the packing material in the delivery, the same will happen.

Best Regards,

Franck Lumpe

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I know, when iam sending any packaging material , shouldnt invoiced to the customer.

am also not doing that.

but system is behaving like so. I have done packing for FG item in delivery. ( wen u do packing, packing item will be displayed as subitem)

but, when you created invoice , only FG should flow to billing , but not packing item

But in my case, packing item also copied into billing, which is not right. ( am using std SAP doc types,category item n copy controls. havent changed any std settings)

my doubt is why packing item is copying in billing . ( pack item cat:TAL is marked as "not relevant for billing)

I hope you got my query

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Hi again,

According to SAP documentation, clearly the TAL returnable packaging item should not being invoiced, as it is invoiced later with the Returnable Packaging Issue if the customer does not return the packaging item.

You seem to have the right customizing so maybe it is a mistake in standard SAP, because the system should not even try to invoice this item as it is not relevant for invoicing.

In a first step, I would go into copy control configuration between delivery and invoice and mark the item category TAL as "don't copy". This way it will not get copied into the invoice.

In a second step I would invoice the rest of the delivery and afterwards check that the delivery document is "closed" from a document flow point of view (check the SD document flow). If it is the case, then I would close the problem.

Best Regards,