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Pack HU in another HU

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We have the need at goods receipt to pack incoming materials (in an inbound delivery) in existing HUs which contain the same material.

We are getting the error that "The HU is already put away".

Is there any possibility to directly pack materials in existing HUs?

Alternatively, is there any way of transfering stock from an existing HU to another HU, without unpacking first and not nesting HUs? We have Z fields assigned to HUs and we can't lose them when moved to the other HU.


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It is standard to pack HU in another HU. E.g. small boxes in large boxes in containers etc.

The error says that the status of the HU is not allowing the packing. Please check the status of the HU.

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Status is initial

The error is coming when trying to use an existing HU when packing in the inbound delivery. And we are using same package material in both HU.

Business case is: I have an HU with material 1. I have a delivery of material 1, so instead of creating a new HU with material 1, I want to reuse the existing 1 until it's full. (nothing to with putting a box into a bigger box or similar)

If I do a bin to bin... I can pack into another HU, however, then they are nested. We are trying to unnest them with HU02... they get into the same hierarchy level... but still keeping both HU numbers... instead of disappering the one unnested