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I have a PROBLEM in PA40 Actions. During the proces Of Actions all infotypes configured in customizing Procedures are processing . I s there any way to restrict infotypes procesing basd on Emp Group and Emp Sub Group.

For EX. We have 5 Emp Sub groups. We have created a customized infotype for only particular emp sub group. During the pa40 actions the customized INFO TYPE HAS TO PROCESS for only the particular EMP SUB GROUP.

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EKP Yadav


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Answers (3)

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It is for this very same scenario we have feature IGMOD. Create a infogroup with the customised infotype included in it and then assign IGMOD in that in that infogroup.

THen add this infogroup no in the feature IGMOD under the ESG you want.

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Check the option of useing the IGMOD feature read documentaiton for better understanding PE03 is the tcode

while createing Infogroup maintain two infogroups and assign the infogroup based on ESG

Check this option

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Yes. It can be done through IGMOD feature. PE03 >IGMOD > give different retun value for different employee group or sub group. Then while creating infogroup in T588D, create 2 set of infogroup with required infotypes. Assign feature return value in column Infogrmodi. in T588D.

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You can use dynamic action to achieve it.

Dynamic action: SM30 -> T588Z


0000 04 11 P T001P-PERSG='??'

0000 04 12 P T001P-PERSK='32'

0000 04 13 I INS,NNNN,,,(P0000-BEGDA),(P0000-ENDDA)

And don't include this custom infotype in the infotype group of action(PA40).

Hope helps,

Chen Jian

Edited by: Jian Chen on Sep 11, 2009 1:09 PM