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P O issue

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Dear all,

is it possible to get soft copy of PUrchase order?

generally after creation of PO we use to take printout...

but one of theuser asking me get soft copy of PO?

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Answers (4)

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You need to do some configuration for this.

u2022 Goto NACE .

u2022 Select EF and click on OUTPUT TYPES.

u2022 Then select Output Type NEU and click on processing routines .

u2022 In that you have to add a new entry - medium 5 .

u2022 Then you need to assign a program, form routine and form.

u2022 You can use the standard program i.e. SAPFM06P, FORM routine is always ENTRY_NEU and standard MEDRUCK.

u2022 Then in PARTNER FUNCTION you need to add a new entry : medium - 5 and function - VN .

u2022 For subject of the mail goto Mail Title and Texts. In title give PO No. &EKKO-EBELN& .

u2022 Under General data -> Replacement of text symbols give programm as SAPMM06E and Form Routine as TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE .

u2022 Now the subject will be PO No. 1800004202.

u2022 You need to maintain your email id in tcode SU01 and also the vendor's email id.

u2022 Now while creating a new purchase order , change the medium to External Send .

u2022 Then goto Communication Method and select CS01 . ALSO make sure that the Cover Page Text has value PO No. &EKKO-EBELN& .

u2022 Goto tcode ME9F .

u2022 Execute.

u2022 Select the checkbox and click on Output Message.

u2022 You will get a message MAII 00000000000001 generated .

u2022 Use note no 191470



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yes, you can

use transimission medium as you required.

tcode NANCE - select EF - click output type tab - selet your out put type - double click "processing routnes"

your out put type can be found by open your PO (ME23N) - cick messages


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You can make the form to be printed as a PDF file and then save it. Check with your Developer. It is a easy stuff to do.



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Hi i got little bit bitter solution without doing any modificaiton

after printpreview>

goto menu bar

select GOTO>List display

One ABAP text came, after that i down load into html format...

thanks a lot for ur valuable reply........