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Overwritting COPA values once derived by substitution rule

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We have a substitution rule enabled to derived COPA segment to get the IC customer in the Invoice of the saler order.

However, for certain customer, we need to blank out or replace the customer with something else as the what the system derives is not requiered for reporting purpose.

We create a KEDR rule to derive the customer. However, manually when I check Pseg, it picks the required customer but when the invoice is created by system, it is not picking the customer from the KEDR rule. Substitution rule is overwritting the KEDR rule.

Can anyone tell me how to make sure that KEDR rule is applies after the substitution rule to derive the PSEG which we require.


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Answers (2)

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Check the attributes of the derivation rule in KEDR. I think you need "overwrite with new value if new value found"



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Welcome to SDN!

In my opinion, you should use Exit COPA0001...

Create a Derivation Step in KEDR using method "Enhancement"... In the Source Feld, choose KDAUF (Sales Ord) or ARTNR and in the Target Field choose KUNNR...

You can write your logic in the exit COPA0001 and populate it as desired

ELse, check your SUbst Logic and modify it suitably as per your situation... Presently, the subst rule seems to have been configured to overwrite it... Take the help of ABAPer and modify it

br, Ajay M