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overview on Routing

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I am from Sales Backround, and wanted to have an overview on Routing. Can any one please explain me what is routing ? and how and where its doing handshake with other modules? As this is for a knowledge shake i would request you to give more on Functional side rather than Tech stuff like T-codes etc...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Routing is nothing but your Process Plan.

A routing is a description of which operations (process steps) have to be carried out and in which order to produce a material (product). As well as information about the operations and the order in which they are carried out, a routing also contains details about the work centers at which they are carried out as well as about the required production resources and tools (includes jigs and fixtures). Standard values for the execution of individual operations are also saved in routings.

Routings (generic) consist of the following objects:

- Routing

- Rate routing

- Reference operation set

- Reference rate routing

Routings enable you to plan the production of materials (products)

In a routing you plan

- The operations (work steps) to be carried out during production

- The activities to be performed in the operations as a basis for determining dates, capacity

requirements, and costs.

- The use of materials during production.

- The use of work centers

- The quality checks to be carried out during production

To Create one you have to proceeds with following steps:

1) CA01 - Create routing

First screen = Material on which you have to create a routing


Second screen = Usage 1 if you create routing for production purpose.

Status 4 release general


2) Now go on to application tool bar and select operation

Here you have to enter work center, control key and description

For eg. w/c 1 plant pp01 description

w/c 2 plant pp01 description

plant pp99 goods reciepts

3) Now select the component allocation

Select the material here and click on to the new assignemnt for assign the operation seqence on to the material.


Now routing is create with routing group number .


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks for your valuable inputs..

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Keeping the tech stuff out, a routing as a concept is to provide information as to how the material is to be manufactured. It gives the requisite details as to which work centers are required, what are the activities to be perfomed, the approx time required, if the operations are to flow in sequential or parallel operations are possible.

So in a nutshell, it works as a map.

Hope it was helpful.



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As Integeration aspect Routing is basis for ' Product Costing','Capacity' and 'Sceduling the Order'.

In product costing system calculate standard activity cost using information(M.C and Labour hrs) from routing.

System calculates Capacity and Sceduling useing routing data and formulae defined in wctr,