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Overtime scenarios

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Hi Floks,

My issue is on over time ,

Suppose the employee has worked weekly overtime (WSR is 40 hrs Per week) and worked 50 hours in a week, how to handle this scenaio in time side ?

In pay side , where we have to check the total extra hours , how we integrate the time to py.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is a variety of ways we can handle OT in Time Side...It depends upon the setup.

Option 1) Manual recording: Setup attendance (Regular Work and Overtime) for your employees and they can record the hours towards Regular Work and Overtime. Once you have the Attendances, you can create the Overtime wage-types and use them to pay in Payroll

Option 2) Automatic Calculation: Let the Employee record the hours they are at work and then the Time Schema will evaluate the Overtime based on the rules configured in the PCR's.

When you talk about OT in Time Schema, again there are variety of options and rules. Some of the rules are:

  • Calcualte Overtime after employee reaches the weekly threshold. (Example: The employee has to work their 40 hours in a week before they are given any Overtime premium. This logic does not consider the number of hours worked in a day)
  • Calcualte Overtime on a daily basis after employee reaches the daily threshold. This does not count how many hours an employee work in a week. (example: the daily threshold is 8 hours and any hours worked over 8 are paid at Overtime premium)
  • Calculate Overtime on a daily basis but factor weekly threshold (Example: the employee may work extra hours in a day but if they have not croessed their weekly threshold, then they will not be paid overtime. If the employee crosses their weekly threshold, then overtime is calcualted on a per day basis.) (This option is the combination of the above 2 options)
  • Overtime rules when employee is on a Call-Out. (employee is called to work during an emergency situation)
  • Overtime when employee substitutes their shift for the higher post (Higher Class substitution)

Based on the given scenario, the Time Schema can calcualte appropriate Overtime premium and create wage-types as necessary...

Hope this helps... I did write a basic Overtime rule blog article at:

This may give you a starting point in integrating Overtime in your Time Schema.

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