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overhead allocation

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dear sap co experts

i have to absorb all my service cost center expenses based on production qty.for this iam trying to create coshtsheet, but in the cost sheet where shall i mention to the system to calculate overhead based on for piece produced(qty based overhead)

.replies will be highly rewarded.but the same overhead shuld be part of my cost component structure.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Sivaram,

Overheads can be calcualted either % basis or Qty basis.

The Quantity based overheads are not on the basis of OUT PUT Quanntity but it is on the basis of Input quantity.

SAP does not provide Qty based Overheads on the basis of OUT PUT Qty.

In configuration u need to make the settings for Qty based OHs and in the Material Master in costing view u need to select the Material origin indicator

Hope this will solve your problem. If you need still any clarification in this regard, you can approach me

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Overhead rates can be created either as percentage or Quantity-Based. This can be seen in the SPRO configuration under costing sheet: components. Choose the quantity based Overhead Rates under the prouduct costing. Then apply these rates in the costing sheet.

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Hi ,

While specifying the Over head key in the cost sheet, you can find out the " Credit Key" . In this credit key , assign the cost center details.

Now the system while calculating the over head charges , it posts the debit values to production order and credit values to "Cost Center".

When the actual values are posted to the cost center , there will be unabsorbed or overabsorbed amounts in the cost center values.

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Lakshmi narayana

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thanks for reply

but my problem is i have to calculate my overhead on the basis of finished goods produced.but i doesnot have produced qty as a basis in cost sheet. how to calculate overhead on the basis of qty produced. pls reply back