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Overall Yeld on planned orders

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Good Evening everyone,

I am looking for a way to take into account production yeld on planned quantities in SAP for a manufacturing process with multilevel BOMs.

MRP1 view contains the % of assembly scrap, which is useful to let MRP generate planned orders with a quantity that is calculated as the sum of forecasted scrap and requirements (eg we have a requirement of 100 ea and production generates a 1% scrap: MRP run generates a planned order for 101 ea, 100 available and 1 scrapped).

yeld can also be defined as the forecasted production loss that i will get from a process, and for stable productions which can be repeated it is a well known datum, so I was wondering if there is any way for SAP to do the scrap calculation starting not from the available quantity required, but from the available quantity that I will get if I produce the exact required quantity; based on the example above, MRP should generate a planned order for 100 ea, but on MD04 only 99 will appear as available in MD04. Obviously this kind of rule will work with a certain tolerance on requirements....

thanks in advance for each single suggestion


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Hi Benedetta

This is not possible on the standard system.

MRP will always try to generate planned orders to cover the full requirement quantity. That means, if you have any kind of scrap, it will be added to the total quantity, in order to make sure that you will deliver the total necessary quantity.

Otherwise, you would end up with an open requirement and MRP would generate a new planned order to cover it.

Of course, you may try to implement this logic using BAdIs (I feeld that more than one will be necessary), so please take a look on the document below: