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Overall Network scheduling with out subnetworks

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Hi Guys ,

The issue is like this....

A project is structured with different Network headers and activities and possess relationships.

An activity from one network is linked to another activity of another network in the same project .

We are using forward scheduling functionality and also Network determines the project dates .

We would like to enter the start data at the first Network header only and system should generate the scheduled dates based on the relationships and durations to the other networks as well as activties also the start date of second network header is the finish date of first network header and this is how the flow is... .-In our case this is not happening and system is prompting to enter the dates at every network header level ... ...

Added to this....The entire scheduling be done using first the network header and system to schedule other networks and activities...

I have tried using CN24N , but getting an error message "No order corresponds to the selection criteria"

I have defined the leves for the order type in the spro and yet i am getting this message and could not schedule ...

Please suggest .....



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Hi Experts ,

Any update on this please..........


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Hi Judy,

from what I understood in your post CN24N is not the right way for you, you should schedule in Project Planning Board.

Please check your scheduling parameters, when doing scheduling in the Project Planning Board (CJ2B), you can find them when pressing the "Options" button. (Screen: Change Standard Values in Project Planning Board)

If you want to use your described scenario, the best approach would be a Bottom up scheduling.

Make following settings in the "Options":

Scheduling scenario: Free scheduling

Scheduling method: Strict Bottom up

Scheduling type: Forwards

Scheduling method: Network determines dates

Set checkmark at: Adjust bsc date

When done all of that, select the entire project including activities with "Select all" and press "Schedule" button.

If you are still facing problems enter the Start date directly via the project:

Menu path: Edit -> Shift dates -> Project (Enter here the first start date)

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Hi Sami ,

Many thanks for the kind update .

Either of the options are not working for the reason that since it is forward scheduling , we have to enter the start date at each of the nw header otherwise system shall not allow to save the project .

But this is contrary to the requirement as the start date shall only be entered in the First NW header and the rest should be taken care while scheduling based on the relationships and durations.

Kind Regards


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Hi Judy,

I guess, you have to enter start and finish date for each network header. though system letting you to assign relationships among different network activities, still system does not determine the SD & FD for NW header and but still you will be able to see SD & FD dates for each activity in your project.

. Did you try backward scheduling and find out how system is behaving. If system determining the dates for each NW header?. Wait for some more expert views on this.



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Hi Experts.

We are also facing the same issue in one of our scenarios with CN24N and also the scheduling and the issue is more or less the same.

Valuable suggestions of those who worked in similar process is very much appreciated.

Hi Judy - By any chance if you get the solution ..please share and update

Best Regards