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Output type settings in IMG - Default values tab and partner functions

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Hi All,

I am currently working on output’s but there is one thing which I found a bit strange and even un necessary. In the IMG of output type there is a tab called default values which will throw default values the moment you enter a manual output type in for example a sales order and press enter, this is easy clear to understand.

There is also an option to select the condition type and go to Partner Functions folder. I again find here the transmission medium and partner which was already present in default values tab. Then what is the use of it here again

Syed Ahmed

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Answers (3)

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Default is only what's proposed by default, the rest is a list of all possible values. If you only have one possible option then, naturally, the two would be the same. One is a subset of the other. +1 to Shiva R., just test it to understand better what it does.

If this question has been answered then kindly close the discussion, see here:

@Shiva V. - the question is about the output type configuration, what do the condition records have to do with it? These are two different things...

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The values setup in Tab Default values in an output type configuration flow in as default values in the output condition record when created. This is why, maybe, Shiva V is giving that suggestion.

The actual purpose of setting up Default values in an output type in NACE is the above.


please see the reason for values in Tab Default values. This can be found in Glynn C William's text book.

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why dont  you maintain output condition Records for the specific outputtypes under NACE

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It looks the name itself implies. You can set the transmission medium details in the default tab for all partner functions. You may not need to add the details in the partners functions individually.

Or in other case, you can maintain transmission medium for individual partner functions using the partner functions folder, for ex: to bill-to party through email, to contact person or payer - using print output etc..

The best way to understand the functionality is doing a testing by yourself.