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Output: Send a fax to a predefined fax number, not coming from customer ma

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Hi colleagues,

I have the following requirement.

In the delivery a special output should be sent to a FIX FAX numer of a special vendor. This means not to the fax number from the current customer.

Is this possible somehow?

Everything is set up: Output type, determination, printing program and the fax is working already.

But how can I set up the condition record to use a special fax number?

One idea was to use a special partner function with the a partner inside that has the special fax number. Due to different reasons this is not possible...

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


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Answers (4)

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Dear All

Please tell me how would configure Fax for out put types in Sales transcations

can you tel me the step by step process.

Points would be rewarded


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Dear Jens,

THe issue is you want to send output (Fax) to Vendor (partner) other than your Customer.

For this go to VV21 & enter Customer Code, Partner function & Vendor number is Partner Column. This would ensure that for above Customer the output would go to the Vendor code mentioned in Partner column.

Now Select the line item & Click on Communication button & enter the Output details here...

This would solve your problem.

Hope this helps.

Give points if useful...


Jignesh Mehta

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Hi there,

Yes it is possible.

In the O/p control prog, we can do 'hard coding' that particular num. ABAPer can do it.

So as & when the O/p gets triggered, it will be sent only to that particular num. If you want to change it, then we need to change it in the code itself.

In the condition records, just maintain for what customer you want to triger this O/p. Donot maintain anything in the communication method.



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Check whether you have activated " Cannot be changed - indicator " in the "Maintain - Output types screen - in general data section " ... due to that reason user is not able to put or change the New / Special Fax Number...



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We are configuring SAP systems with RightFax application, and we tried to send a fax to the fax number which is connected to extension, it is not direct line. we tried to put this special characters in the fax number field u201C , u201D u201CIu201D and u201Cwu201D but theses characters are not getting accepted in SAP .

We need to send faxes with the extension.

SAP system version is ECC 6.0.

RightFax Version is

Kindly help in this regard.