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Output determination with BRF+ for vendor delivery schedule

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I'm trying to get OPD output determination to work in S/4Hana, but I'm not succeeding unfortunately.

1. I have set the application object type SCHEDULING_AGREEMENT to 2 Application Inactive

2. I have these rules set up for Scheduling agreements in OPD:

- Output type: LPA / Scheduling_Agreement / 1 (Immediately)

- Receiver: LF / - (exclusive indicator False)

- Channel: Scheduling_Agreement / LF / 0000100013 / IDOC

3. I have this partner profile in WE20:

- Partner no: 100013

- Partner type: LI

- Partner role: VN

- Message type: DELFOR

- Message control: EL / LPH1 / ME14 / Change: Blank

- Message control: EL / LPH1 / ME14 / Change: X

(I also tried with 100013 / LI /VN / DELFOR: EL / LPET / ME14 since I could not find any guidance to what output type that should be used)

I create a forecast delivery schedule in ME84 for an LPA Scheduling agreement with vendor 100013, but no LPH1 message is determined. I’m getting a message 06 857 “No message record found.”

Any ideas about what is missing?

Thanks and regards,


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