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output determination problem

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Dear Pavan,

How do i stop RD00 output type to trigger in the billing document if an SAP Accounting document has been created.

My requirement is to stop RD00 from firing if the accounting document is not generated in the billing document.

I tried out with routine 62 in the billing output determination procedure but it seems to be not working.

I think i should use some logic into in the 62 routine and obtain this functionality?

Now my questions is what logic should i use which would stop RD00 from firing output when the accounting document is not released in the billing.

Or suggest me how do i have to do it.

Thanks in advance,



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Answers (3)

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I am a little surprised at your comments as we use routine 62 to do exactly what you want and it works fine. It should work.



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You will have to use user exit for this, I dont have have the name of user exit but logic will be like this,

When billing doucument is saved accounting is generated, and status is updated in VBRK table.

In VBRK field RFBSK is there i.e posting status.

Just put a check at the time of saving the billing document , if the satus is not posted give error message that output cannot be issued

Take help of abaper to stop issuing of the output.

Thanks and Regards

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Please give me some logic on this requirement.