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Outgoing payments: Need some assistance in determining the bank account to direct payment to by currency.

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I have vendors with multiple bank accounts depending on the currency managed in the account.  I need to direct payments to those accounts automatically based on the currency of the invoice and the matching currency of the bank account.  I'm having a hard time finding which user exit to use, and where (in which program) the enhancement point is (F110 payment generation?  RFFOxxxx payment output? Something else?) 

Any input is appreciated.

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Dear Patricia,

The bank is determined from all banks which are in the vendor master.

The banks are sorted by partner bank type, bank country key, bank number and bank control key.

Starting from the first one, each bank is checked. After that, the first bank, which has passed the check, is selected.

You can use the field 'Partner bank type' (BSEG-BVTYP) in order to select the most suitable bank for your vendor.

In the transaction FK02, there is a field called 'Partner bank type', BnKT, (LFBK-BVTYP) in the screen 'Payment transactions'. Please read the F1 help for this field.

Please take into account that the system selects the bank with the lowest BVTYP, this means that a bank which has no BVTYP will be selected first, then one with AAAA, then BBBB.

You can also try substitution during invoice creation to fill the 'Partner bank type' accordingly in the invoice.

Also check the f1 help on the flag "Optimize by bank group" setting in FBZP -> Payment method in cocode which should be helpful.

Or if you have a specific requirement then you can review usage of BTE 1810 to select partner banks.

I found a note on a case similar i.e. note  1634516.

Hope this information helps to resolve your issue.

Kind Regards,
Soumya Rao

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You don't need user exit

couple of places to configure

1) Vendor master (XK02) --> payment transaction --> Partner bank type (BnKT)

2) Maintain FBZP bank determination , payment methods and currency


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BTE 1810  is very good for selecting the partner bank. We setup BVTYP in vendor bank details with entries like EUR or USD and then can - depending on the payment currency - choose the bank mathcing best.

Thank you for this information