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Outbound delivery with reference to STO-Zero Quantity

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Our client is uploading excel file and based on excel file STO is created.(Through BAPI,it is controlled)

Based on STO ,out bound delivery is created (Through STO BAPI)

Then in delivery we could see some line with "0" quantity.

I thought of restricting the delivery qty with "0",in the item category NLN -Check quantity 0-B/C it will not allow to create delivery.

Is there any option while creating STO itself system should restrict creation of PO for particular item.


Pradeep M

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When STO is created, availability check is carried out at plant level unless you are entering 'Issuing Location' on STO (most client don't use this). However availability check at delivery creation will run at Plant+Storage Location level. Lets assume Plant P has 2 storage locations SL1 & SL2.

Stock in SL1 = 100 CS

Stock in SL2 = 0 CS

Total Stock in Plant P = 100 + 0 = 100 CS

If your OVL3 setup determines SL2 as location in delivery then availability check will return:

1)  100 CS at the level of STO

2)  0 CS at the level of Delivery

Summary: You cannot determine the actual availability at shipping location during STO creation unless you have activated the 'Issuing Location' field on the STO. You can find few threads on SCN on how to activate 'Issuing Location'

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Hello Yati,

If possible could you elaborate Storage Location determination functionality in case of Sales Order Processing.

If we maintain

Stock in SL1 = 100 CS

Stock in SL2 = 0 CS

Total Stock in Plant P = 100 + 0 = 100 CS

If OVL3 setup is also maintained and determine SL2.

Now my questing is while sales order it will determine or at the time of Delivery creation only ??

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Original thread posted by Pradeep doest have a Sale Order scenario, its STO scenario.

I don't want to hijack Pradeep's thread with information which is not relevant to him so I'll send you the details separately.

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I have sent you DM on this.  Please don't take someone's thread and add your issue.

G. Lakshmipathi