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Outbound Delivery Control on Periodic Values

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Dear SD and Logistic experts

I need to immediately make changes, as per the new tax laws, in the system and put control where by no unregistered customer to be dispatched more than value of 10 million in a month and not more than 100 million in a year.

Preferably, standard solution is required.

Note: Unregistered customers are already configured as a separate customer group and assigned to relevant customer masters.



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Answers (2)

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You may please start searching OSS Notes related to your country for this legal requirement

If you find the solution from the oss then implement the same and share here so that other members could benefit

If you do not find any relevant oss note, then raise an incident to SAP about this and ask if they have provided any solution or planned to provide

If non of the above solves the requirement then start discussing with your legal team and note down all the possible scenarios to be covered for its value calculation

Prepare a functional specification and get the logic developed in a customer exit -V45* by validating the event where user want to restrict the creation of sales document

Preferably, standard solution is required

Not possible to achieve through standard solution if SAP doesn't provide any oss note for this.



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As there are changes to the local legislation, most probably SAP has released or planning to release a note with explanations or code changes to enable what is the legal requirement. I would highly recommend exploring the recently published notes relevant for your country before making any configuration or development changes.

If there are no SAP notes for this legal requirement and no plans from SAP side to do so, then you may need to change the current solution. As a start, I think further clarifications are needed (it will be a good idea to speak with the legal department in your organization in the matter). For example, how do they calculate the value per month - if I sell for 12 mil during the month, but I have returns for 3 mil - is this OK or not? What if I have the same sales and returns, the returns are for sales from the previous month? What if I send to the customer in the same month products on total value 11, but out of these I bill in this month for total value of 10? How should credit and debit memos be handled regarding this limit of 10 mil/month, etc.?

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Sales return credit memos will be net off with current period sales invoices.