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OUSR Table "INFO3File" Causing Crashes: What is this field for? How does it get populated?

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Firstly a bit of background on my system; We are using SAP B1 V9.2 PL8, using the Boyum B1up Plugin;

I have 86 users on my system and 2 of these users crash so frequently; the action of pressing the "X" or "OK" on an invoice crashes the system; I have disabled B1up validations on the invoice formtype and the invoice screen has very little customization;

Our system consists of a core SQL server (which I work on) and 2x RDS servers; I initially thought this may have been an issue with the server, so I attempted the same process which causes a crash on the SQL server using the users credentials; (I also crashed, and it is very very rare that I crash on this server)

Upon looking into this, i looked into the OUSR Table to find any patterns with the user accounts; and both user accounts have "OCRD" as a reference in "INFO3FILE";

I've looked into this, and some people have actually said the have the same issue; but no one seems to know what this field is for.

I've created my users 2x user accounts, and they have been having no issues for a couple of days. This morning one of my users has complained of crashes again, and sure enough, on the new account (KLG), OCRD has been populated in "INFO3FILE" field.

Out of 86 users on my database, these 3 accounts have a lot of crashes.

Could anyone please advise what INFO3File is for? How it is populated? or is there a way for me to un-populate this?

Even if we know why it is populated, I can put a block on what ever is causing it to be populated because it seems to be breaking my user accounts and I have no control over it at all.

Many Thanks


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