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OU display wrongly in Org Assignment

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Dear Expert,

I would like to know why the OU text display wrongly when an employee in resigned status?

Where the org unit code will display text value when the employee with resigned status.

May i know why this happen? 

And, how to resolve this..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Melissa,

This happens because while executing the Separation action in the 0000 infotype the position field will be having the current position which the employee is holding and on saving the 0000 infotype the position will be become delimited i.e vacant and in 0001 infotype the position id will be having 9999999 default position but the Job and Org unit will be the same as shown below,

While running the separation action do change the Job and Org unit as blank which solves your issue.

Hope the above information solves your issue.


Mithun K

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Hi Mithun,

Thanks for info share with us, but this solution didnt resolve the root caused.

Thanks again,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Melissa,

Bullseye...Thats a great catch ...... First time i am also observing the overview screen so closely.

I think u can raise an SAP OSS message asking  the same. Because thats how it is in system right now. When employee is active, both short text and long text of OM Objects are being displayed.

After active status changed to inactive only Long text is being displayed that too with truncated data mostly (Field length used that of short text field length ).

So it seems like in overview screen,the data is picked from the space used for short text while employee is active and inactive. But data is different each time!!!!!!!!!!! Interesting..........

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Jim,

Thanks, will raise the OSS to SAP accordingly.

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Hi Melissa

pl refer this  code used in the FM-HR_READ_FOREIGN_OBJECT_TEXT

SAP Organisation unit text - HR Org unit text

Retrieve text for SAP HR Organisation unit

hope it helps

also,melissa pl play around with these switches in T77S0

PLOGI TEXTC            Integration: transfer short text of job

PLOGI TEXTD            Integration: Selection Date for OM Texts (IT0001)

PLOGI TEXTO            Integration: transfer short text of org.unit

PLOGI TEXTS X Integration: transfer short text of position

hope it works

no worries