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OT amt not claculating while processing the PY

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Requirement is

the hourly rate needs to be calculated as follows :

Monthly Basic Salary/Working Hours in the period

Daily rate needs to be calculated as follows:

Monthly Basic Salary/Working Days in the period

For all others -> the hourly rate/daily rate = existing formula in the standard PCRs have set the pcr to and made the specification as

Have set the PCR X013 to the following setting and the processing class for the WT to this

*PC- WT Requirement*

5 - /001 WT to Working hrs

6 - /002 WT to Working days for my grping

so now have entered an WT in 2010 and OT Hrs

When i run the PY its able to read and get the OT Hrs and the WT while processing the PY but not calculating the amt

So can any one guide from here on how to proceed further to get the OT amt getting calculated while processing the PY

Thanks in Advance

M Bharath

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Hi bharath,

You want the overtime hours money on the valuation basis i'm right.

do onething. That is 10000/200= 50.

Whatever wage types you create for calculation of overtime, that wag type select in the table of V_512W_B in this table maintain valuation basis is 01 and give percentage is whatever percentage do you want like 100%

Valuation basis Statemetnwage type percentage

01 100

01 125

01 130

In this way maintain the percentage for wage types.

Then it is calculate the overtime amount.

good luck


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Hi Devi

thanks for ur input but iam have already mentioned in the PCR the formula how it has to calculate then y to mention in valuation basis.

If its an derived WT then we can mention how much it has to derive from the main WT and the %

when its calculated in /001 and in /002 the per hr and per day rate while running the PY why is not getting calculating the OT amt ?

Pls let me know if iam worng ...


M Bharath

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