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OSS note 1606106

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Hi all we are in discussion to apply OSS note 1606106 to switch the error message to a warning. After implementing this note can we still have the choice to apply warning message for some entities and error message for other?

We have several company codes which are using MLAC and I would like to know if we can assign only warning for some comapny codes (or plant) and let a error message for other? Thanks Christelle

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you implement this note without any modification, then you won't be able to control it by company code: the rule you set will apply to all company codes. You could achieve your requirement only by modification of standard code in includes mentioned in the correction instructions:







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Hi Eli

Thanks for your answer, we will have a look and check with users if this is the solution they want.

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