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OSA appraisal Status flow

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Hi ALL experts,

I have configured an OSA template to cater to our requirements. I have activated the event linkages for all workflows and have also activated the agents.

For our scenario once a part apprisal is completed, the appraisal document should move to the Final Appraiser for Approval.

The status flow looks like below

Simulated Status In Process Part Appraisal in Process

In Preparation In Process End Preparation

In Process Completed Complete

In Process Part Appraisal in Process In Process

Close Part Appraisal In Process Part Appraisal in Process

Completed Complete

Completed Approved Approve

Approved Closed Approved Close Approve Closed Approved

I need to understand one thing, i.e which workflow shall be triggered to send the appraisal document to the appraiser for approval, as the event is not getting triggered but the same can be seen under T code PPPM.

Secondly am i missing something in the stutus flow because of which the template flow is not working ?

Request to guide me appropriately. Also is there any documentation on the Appriasal workflows, i am unable to locate anywhere.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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On the statusflow tab-writer there is a button called 'Status change Overview' you you put the result of this table to the message, I can read that better.

Your simulated status is incorrect. The simulated status is teh status change which the last part aprpaiser triggers. It should point to 'In Process' this also should trigger the information workflow to the appraiser.

Regards and Groetjes,


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HI Maurice,

Thanks a lot or the reply, it was really helpful in solving the issue.

I have another question, i hope you will provide me with guidance.

I have copied and created an objective setting template. I wish to have guidance on the following

Our process is that an employee or supervisor can change the objectives at any given point of time, is this possible? As far as i know it can not be changed after review is over.

As the template does covers many other criterias to be rated, is there any way in which the appraisee and appraisers can only see the objective setting part till the review is over and once the status is in process, other criterias appear on the screen?

Thirdly, where can i find the documentation related to the related workflows or which workflow can be used where? I am unable to find any documentaion.

I am asking more, but surely feel that you will guide me appropriately.

Awaiting an early response


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You can change Objectives even after In Review, this can be done in two ways

1) In column access tab of the template, change the objective access according to your requirement.

2) You can control column Access(Display/Hide/Change) by implementing the BADI HRHAP00_COL_access, and write your custom ABAP code in the method "GET_COLUMN_ACCESS".

Even the same BADI can be used to Control the View access to different Columns of the Template in different status/Sub status. For example Appraisee is not allowed to see the Evaluation or ratings given by the Appraiser.

Please do award the points if this answers your questions.


Ramakrishna Ramadurgam

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Hi Ramakrishna,

Thanks for ur reply, As per ur advice I did the same and my issue regarding modifying the objectives any time is solved.



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