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Original asset Field in Asset Master

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Hi Viewers,

Field Original asset in origin Tab is available for some asset classes. Few is asset classess that field is not available.

Can any one tell me where to activate that field. I have checked in the screen layout of the asset master data. It is not available there.



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Proceed as follows.

1. IMG --> Financial Accounting --> Asset Accounting --> Master Data --> Screen Layout

2. Click on Execute "Define Screen Layout For Asset Master Data

3. Double -Click on Create Screen Layout for Asset Master Data

4. Select the layout you to make original asset number available for

5. Double click on Logical Field Group

6. Select Origin

7. Double Click on Field Group Rules

8. Make 41 ( Asset Under Constr) as optional and then check off both Mn No. and Sbno.

9. Save.

The above solution should resolve your issue. Refer back for any further clarification.


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Hi Elias,

Thanks for your response. It works.

Cheers !!!


very good answer. Thx Elias