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ORGMODELER 4.0 SP1 - Error receiving IDOCS from ECC

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Hello All.

I'm configuring the Org Modeler 4.0 SP1 on DB2.

On deploy guide, we have many instructions about ALE/IDOC.

I followed this guide for all steps.

After some troubles, finally the IDOCLISTENER is running like the picture in guide.

When i execute PFAL transaction on ECC, the IDOCS are generated correctly.

But, in IDOCLISTENER, I receive some messages like these:

DBCP DataSource configured without a 'username'

DBCP DataSource configured without a 'password'

DBCP DataSource configured withoFinished processing IDoc no.0000000000105337 with error(s).

Refer to the error message below if available, or check log for more details.

org.springframework.jdbc.CannotGetJdbcConnectionException: Could not get JDBC Connection;

nested exception is org.apache.commons.dbcp.SQLNestedException:

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException :

Error opening socket to server on port 5932 with message : null  DB2ConnectionCorrelator: null)

The message is clear: i need to put USERNAME and PASSWORD in somewhere.

I dont know where i have to put this data.

My IDocSettings.xml was configured like the guide:


                    <ConnectionString> SYSNR=0 CLIENT=120 USER=XXXX PASSWD=XXXX</ConnectionString>








In Admin Console i configured the SAPImageConnection and SAPConnection. All connection tests are successful.

Someone knows what i have to do?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Joao,

That refers to the database. However, make sure you maintained the database in AdminConsole under Application-wide Settings > OrgModeler Connection Settings? This usually writes to a different file than those mentioned above.

Best regards,


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Hello and Thanks again Luke.

Making a better analysis and searching in others forums about Java and DB2, i can solve the problem.

In hosts file of APP server has two entries of DB Server with different ip address.

So, I changed the configuration in Admin Console pointing directly to IP number and IDOCListener worked fine.

Now, the SO team will to change hosts file in APP Server.

Thanks for help.

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Good work and thanks for posting the answer!

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