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Organizational Structure in OM

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Dear All

There are 3 ways of building an Organizational Structure --- Simple Maintenance, Organization and Staffing and Expert Mode. Could anyone let me know how to decide which one to adopt from these and under what scenarios, when it comes to building the structure for a company.

Which one of these is widely used in preparing an Organizational Structure for companies?



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I think you are refering to implementation and to which way to proceed in OM module.

See we have 3 popular interfaces for building blocks in OM.

In implementation for unit testing we use simple maintenance and for OM infotype maintenance we expert mode.

once the unit testing is success then the structure is uploaded using BDC.

and later for any maintenance we use different interfaces for ex for infotype maintenance expert mode.

for managers for viewing reportees and all they use org & staffing.

i hope u got some idea now



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Many of us mostly use Simple Maintenance and as per my knowledge it is simple when compared to others. In simple Maintenance we Create the Org Units and thereby assign jobs and positions through staff assignments. So, when when we hire an employee in PA, OM is integrated to PA as we give the position number in Organizational assignment Infotype and a person (P) is automatically assigned in OM to the Position.

Please let me know if its not clear.



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1.Simple Maintenance uses a tree structure, which allows you to create a basic framework for organizational plans, using streamlined procedures. In this way, you can create your organizational and reporting structures step by step.

2.In the Organization and Staffing and the Organization and Staffing (Workflow) views, you can

create staff assignments by creating positions

display staff assignments or individual positions, persons (employees) or users

assign positions, persons (employees) and users

assign characteristics to positions

3. Expert mode : you can create and maintain all possible infotypes for the position object type. Enter the name of a position and specify the status of the infotypes you want to create, using the tab pages. EX. t-cdoe : PO10, PO13, PO03 and simple maintenance also.

Hoe u got the idea.


Nirali P