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Organizational Management - 2 infotype record

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Hi All,

This is my first time to configure OM, and I am encountering a problem with validity dates

Scenario :

1. Upon upload position 50000688 has the infotype 1000 record :

object name - Vice President

validity period - 11-01-2007 till 12-31-9999

2. I am not sure what the client did but the validity date was changed to

object name - Vice President

validity period - 11-01-2007 till 11-18-2007

3. it would be easier to manually change the end date back to

12-31-9999, however, there are about 200 objects that have the same issue

4. so I ran tcode - RE_RHGRENZ4 - new end date to change

all end date back to 12-31-9999

5. The object 50000688 now has 2 records for infotype 1000, they are as follows :

first record:

object name - Vice President

validity period - 11-01-2007 to 12-31-9999

second record:

object name - Sachbearbeiter (Szen. "Abwesenheitsm.")

validity period - 7-27-1995 to 12-31-9999

6. It appears that, when the client uploaded their objects, instead of creating new ones, they only delimited the existing SAP objects, which is why when I ran the tcode to change the end date, the information which was initially delimited is also changed to 12-31-9999 thus, there are now two existing infotype record for the same object

7. infotype 1000 is on time contraint 1


- since there are 200+ objects affected, what is the best way to either delete or delimit the second record for infotype 1000

- deleting the object is not an option, since there are already other objects related to them

- end goal is to have the org structure as is, when it was first uploaded


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you have any Hr-ABAPer near by you

ask them to write a BDC program which Delimts the Existing records and Uploads the new record according to date wise.

This is my view.



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