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Organizational Assignment Ity 0001

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Hi All,

When I am doing Initial data entry action, the values that I am giving n Pers. Area, Subarea, applicant Grp and Aapp. Range are not getting stored in the table Pb0001 Infotype Organizational Assignement.

Please help. Its very urgent. I am stuck on this issue since last 5-6 hours.



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Answers (2)

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Org assignment data of applicants are stored in PB4000, Contact medium are stored in 4001

personal data in pb0002

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Hi Anantha

Applicant's organizational data (Personal Area, subarea etc) are stored in PB0001.

Issue resolved...Thanks everyone.

Edited by: Reema Markan on Feb 8, 2008 7:23 AM

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for the inittial data entry in recruitmetn through PA40

u need to configure NUAMP feture

have assigned the number ranges for app ranges and applicant statuts

i tried it in my system

revert back if there is anything else

Edited by: Sikindar on Feb 7, 2008 4:00 PM

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Hi Sikindar,

I have created applicant groups, applicant ranges and have maintained the applicant number assignment in NUMAP feature.

The problem that I ma facing is that when i am doing PB40- Initial data entry action, the values that i am selecting in the fields (Pers. Area, Subarea) are not getting stored in 0001 Infotype due to which I am getting a dump.

Function module " HR_INFOTYPE_DATABASETABLE_GET " is taking tclas A and then returning the name of the dbtab : PA0001.

For tclas B, its not returning any value of table.

It means that applicant table PB0001 is not maintained for infotype 0001.

Now for maintaining that , i went into SM30- V_T582A, selected 0001 infotype and tried to miantain APDB TAB but its not letting me do the same.

Please guide me how it can be done.