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Organization Structure

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Can same storage locations be assigned to diff plant? Can same plant be assigned to different company code? What is the difference?

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1. A storage location is the place where stock is physically kept within a plant.

A storage location has the following attributes:

There may be one or more storage locations within a plant. A storage location has a description and at least one address. It is possible to store material data specific to a storage location. Stocks are managed only on a quantity basis and not on a value basis at storage location level. Physical inventories are carried out at storage location level. A storage location can be assigned to a warehouse number in the Warehouse Management System. You can assign more than one storage location to the same warehouse number within a plant. Storage locations are always created for a plant.

2. The same plant can't be assigned to diff company code.

The plant is an operating area or branch within a company.

The plant is embedded in the organizational structure as follows:

The plant is assigned to a single company code. A company code can have several plants.

Several storage locations in which material stocks are managed can belong to a plant.

A single business area is assigned to a plant and to a division.

A plant can be assigned to several combinations of sales organization and distribution channel.

A plant can have several shipping points. A shipping point can be assigned to several plants.

A plant can be defined as a maintenance planning plant.

A plant has the following attributes:

A plant has an address.

A plant has a language.

A plant belongs to a country.

A plant has its own material master data. You can maintain data at plant level for the following views on a material master record in particular: MRP, Purchasing, Storage, Work scheduling, Production resources/tools, Forecasting, Quality management, Sales, Costing.

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The same storage locations can't be assigned to different plants but the two storage locations with same name can be assigned to the two plants individually.

A Plant can assigned to only one Plant as per SAP system, It is quite illogical to assign a single plant to a multiple company codes. and you will not be able to do it through SAP standard settings.