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Org with many Subsidiaries

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We have multiple ORGs as we have many subsidiaries of our Parent company. These subsidiaries are defined as ORG and

are assigned an ORG-ID. Within each ORG, we have Divisions (e.g. Human Resources, Finance, Materials etc.) and

within each division we have Departments (e.g. Payroll, Labor Relations, etc.). We plan to use Personnel Development(

PD). What is that we have to consider in this case?


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You have to consider how the company wants to see its reports while designing the HR organizational structure in PD. You

have address the question: for headcount or regulatory reports to which level does the company need to report, to the

division, department, group or team level. You have to design the SAP organizational structure to support the lowest level


Lower the more levels of detail, the more maintenance required.