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Org structure

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How to get the subordinates name.

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Report RHUSTRU00 /RHUSTRU00_OLD or Tcode S_AHR_61016528 in SAP all are same and will be directed to single screen to run that report, This report will give you subordinates/direct reportees etc, provided you supply the Evaluation path used for assigning the replationships,intothis report.

a brief writeup as to what this report does

"This report displays a section of the organizational plan according to the

initial object and evaluation path entered. A structure tree appears which

displays the assignment of organizational objects to one another. The

hierarchy levels are shown by corresponding indentations in the tree


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Hi Hima,

1. Goto PA20 and enter the personnel number.

2. Select the infotype 0001 and press Display(F7).

3. In the toolbar select Org. structure button.

Here you can see all the employees of the org. unit including the manager.


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Your question is too generic so please be more specific in order to receive correct answer.

In general there are SAP standard reports which can extract a lot of information using different evaluation parts. You can revise Evaluation paths in order to find which can be used.

On the other hand if you need the logic how to find subordinates of 1 manager you have 2 ways how to deal with this.

To extract all people under Org. unit of manager

1. Relationship A012, Manages (HRP1001) in order to find to which Org. unit this manager is responsible for

2. With evaluation path O-S-P you can extract all positions and employees under Org.unit

To extract directly reporting employees

1. Find relationship A/B002 (depends on the direction you will search) between Manager Position and other positions in the structure (Object type S)

2. For positions from step 1 find relationship A008, holder in order to find employees.

In case you have further questions please let me know.



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Subordinates can be found many ways.

One of the way get the position of Supervisor using realtion B008

and then get the subordinate using B002 Relation and you will get subordinate posiiton , then get the pernr of that posiiton using relation A008.After getting posion you cangt subordinate naem from 0002(personal data) .these relation ships can change dependin on your system configuration

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can you be more specific?