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Oregon Metro District Housing Tax

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Hi All,

We need some guidance on how to successfully implement the new Oregon Supportive Housing tax in SAP. Today our EE's who live and/or work in Oregon are either only assigned to tax area OR in IT0207 or OR01 for Portland in IT0208. Assuming we would use OR31 to account for this new tax, would we have to move our resident EE's who live in one of the affected zip codes into tax area OR31 within IT0207? What about EE's who work in OR01 in IT0208? Do they all need to be changed to tax area OR31?

Also, there is reference to an 'Opt In/Opt Out' form that the EE can submit. Apparently the EE is also able to designate an amount to withhold. Where in SAP would this data be stored and how will it be sent to BSI for accurate processing? Is SAP intending on releasing any new notes to accommodate any form changes?

Any details pertaining to this matter are greatly appreciated.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Kristy,

You can find details on this delivery on KBA 3071303 - Multnomah County and Metro District City Oregon Taxes.

Sincerely thanks,