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ordinary depreciation date in new valuation area

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Hello experts,

I have a problem that I don´t know how to solve:

I created a new depreciation area to store asset parallel valuation and then uploaded the values in the new area with take over date 31.12.2007 even though we are now in 2010, I´ve set 2007 as the last fiscal year closed in asset accounting to be able to do this.

For this new area depretiation will start at 01.01.2008 in all assts and useful life will be different to the useful life in area 01, but the problem is that when uploading the useful life for the new depreciation area and setting depreciation start 01.01.2008 the system cancels depr. Start date and the explanation given by the system is the following: No ordinary depreciation was calculated in depreciation area 12. This may be caused by a change to the depreciation key.

Does anyone know how can I solve this problem?.

Thank you in advance,


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You are getting error AA957.

This error could have different reasons.

One hint I can give for you to check:

Choose Customizing path: "Financial Accounting -> Asset Accounting ->

Depreciation -> Special Depreciation -> Determine Depreciation Areas"

(Transaction OABS).

-Select the chart of depreciation

-Select the "Spec.depr." indicator for the affected

depreciation areas and save this setting. Deselect the indicator and save again.

When you now display table T093A for the depreciation areas, field AFARFO should have value "MSNA" and error AA957 should no longer be displayed.

Also, you could try if following SAP notes help, even if they do not specifically mention the error, they have helped in resolving this error:

1269330 Incorrect changeover from declining-bal. to straight-line

1443226 AS01 Post-capitalization: Deprec. start

I hope this information helps.

Kind regards,