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ORDERS05 IDOC - ZTERM "Critical credit data changed" problem

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Hello everyone!

I have configured a scenario where XI sends an IDOC (ORDERS.ORDERS05) to an SAP system to create a Sales Order (SO).

I have a problem with the Payment Terms (...EDI_DC40/ZTERM) field. Whenever I send an SO with the ZTERM field mapped, I get an error "Critical credit data changed" and as a result, the SO is not created; however, when I leave the field blank, the message goes through successfully.

Apparently, a popup saying "Critical credit data changed" shows even when creating SOs manually. My question is this, is there any way I can bypass this message through XI, so that I can create the SO with the ZTERM field populated? Are there any qualifiers I should be looking into?

Looking forward to your responses!

Warm regards,


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Hey Glenn,

If you go to T-Code OVA8, you will find a check box ' Critical Fields'.. Since this is indicated, you are getting the error. If this field is indicated, then the system will check for the available credit for the customer if any of the following fields are changed,

1. Payment Terms

2. Additional Value Days

3. Fixed Value Date

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Hello Anil,

Thank you very much for your reply! Unfortunately, that configuration is part of the auto credit checking. When I create SOs manually and change the payment terms field, a popup says "Critical credit data changed", I can simply tick the 'check' mark and the SO saves. However, if the SO is sent via XI, the popup causes an error. Is there any information we can provide in the IDOC so that it bypasses those kinds of popup messages?