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Orders already Invoiced - reflecting in VL10G

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Hi all ,

I have a scenario , where even if the orders are successfully delivered and invoiced , it reflects in the VL10G. What could be the reason .

The accounting document status is not cleared and shipment status is "Shipment Started" . With the same document status , the order is not reflecting in VL10G for different Sales Area.

Request the expert views.



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Hi Satish,

Check the status of the the order in the document flow for any order which is repeatedly shown in the delivery due list although it is delivered. I expect that the order status is open.

Secondly you have to check whether all the line items of the order got delivered or it is partially delivered? If it is partially delivered There are chances of order being shown in the delivery due list.

Check, if this answers your question.

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Hi tilak ,


All the above checks are already done. Below is the status.

Orders -            completed

Delivery -          Completed

       Shipment - Shipment Started.

       Picking    - Completed

       Goods Iss- Completed

       Invoice     - Completed

       Acc.Doc  - Not Cleared

All line items in the order is delivered completely.



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Have you tried to run the following report in SA38 --> RVV05IVB. Maybe an index has to be reorganized.