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***** ordered as a pack. need to issue out as each.

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I order this filter **** in a box of 40 but need to issue out per filter. Can you please send me screen shots of how to set up the part. Here is where I think I am setting the part up wrong. I have other parts that I have this issue with and hope to correct all of them once I get the steps down. Screen shots of the steps to take works best.

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Does this question relate to SAP BusinessObjects? I think you picked the wrong tag

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Answers (2)

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You can create material code as filter***** and keep Base unit of measure as "PAK". As you need to issue with each - you can keep "Unit of issue" as EA in Plant data/storage -1 view of material master by keeping conversion factor between PAK and EA unit of measures.

Now,you can receive material with PAK unit of measure and issue material with unit of measure EA.

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1) Base unit of measure should be Piece / PC. This is the smallest stock keeping unit used for picking and Goods issues and is the basis for inventory management and evaluation. Quantities in alternative units of measure are always converted to the base unit of measure using the conversion factor.

2) Alternative UoM in the plant (Issue/Order/Sales unit) should be Carton / pack / Box.

3) Alternative unit of measure in Warehouse Management:

If the base UoM is different from WM unit (and if you want to manage in two Units of measures), then you need to set the proposed UoM to “M”.

Here is an example:

Base Unit: PC

WM unit: BOX

Proposed unit of measure from material: M (WM unit of measure also for other UoM in reference doc)

The replenishment data in material master should always be maintained in base UoM.

In your case, since you want to pick and issue out as eaches/pieces (assuming you use base unit as 'PC' for the material), then you don't need to maintain any additional WM unit on warehouse Mangement view1. You need to maintain 'Proposed UoM frm mat = N'. It should look like this...

Base Unit of Measure: PC

WM unit: null/blank

Proposed UoM frm mat: N (Base unit of measure, even if another UoM in reference doc).