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Order reservation

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Hi SAP Gurus,

plz tell me "how to reserve the Production Qty at the time of Production order Creation?"

While creating a production order for qty 20 it show me that the 5 qty are in stock in MD04 View.Hence it make a production order of 15 qty.

But i want 20 qty for that perticular Production order with the reservation.

It will help me while create new production order of qty that time Md04 view show me 20 qty were reserved & 10 qty will be produce against new order.

So How it is possible?

Plz help.



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Answers (3)

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Hii Mukesh!!

System behaves like this,

When you create any production order manualy or by planned order, it checks the stock by your Availability checking rule. Depeneding on your Production Scheduler profile, it confirms partialy or fully.

So please unflag the Material Availabilty Check Partially in OPKP. I hope, it will work.

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u can create reservation of quantity of bom's for a production order by t code mb21.

but for your requirement if u dont want to change strategy

go to mrp 4 view, Sloc MRP indicator,type 1 which is storage location stock excluded from MRP. so what ecer ur requirement is it gives a planned order for that quantity without considering the stock.

revert back if any


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use strategy 11 for this .



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Hi Nandha,

Thanks for reply.

it can't help.

Any other...