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Order Related and Delivery Related Billing

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Hi Experts

Is it possible to do both Order Related Billing and Delivery Related Billing for a particlular sales order. If it then what are the configurations it controls in this aspect.

Thanks and Regards

M.Dheerendar Jain

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In VOV8, in your sales doc type (e.g. OR) you have to give in fields "Order related billing" = (e.g. F1) and "Delivery related billing" = (e.g. F2)

You need 2 item categories (e.g ZTAN, Z1TN),

1. for ZTAN - for Order related billing

In VOV7, in the item category you have to give Billing relevance = B (order related billing)

2. for Z1TN - for Delivery related billing

In VOV7, in the item category you have to give Billing relevance = A (delivery related billing)

3. in VOV4, assign your sales doc type to item cateogories

In VA01, you sales order, you would have to have 2 items with different item categories. Thus you can have for 1st item Order related and for the 2nd item do delivery related.

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Hi Gurus,

I have same requirment & configured everything as explained above But now I am unable to see both billing documents in order document flow however order ralated billing is showing in order document flow & delivery related billing in delivery doc. flow. I nedd both in order doc. flow. how it can be achieved pls guide.



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could u explain in which business process we do both


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A  client is warehouse service provider, it has service material Like- reserved space on rent  (Order related item category), Against that reserved space actual goods will be delivred having some additional charges  per EA ( Delivery related billing ) apart from reservation charges & both billing  has to be done with reference  to single sale order & should appear in document flow as well.