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order priority

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Hello Everyone,

recently i was asked about order priority and i had no clue on it, can someone please through some light on it, or point me where i can find more info on it.

the scenario was that if there 2 orders created in morning, one with 70 pcs and one with 80 pcs and if there was no stock availaible , but then same day afternoon 100 pcs come in, which order will go out first and why?, and what will happen to 2nd order, can you guys explain that.

thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is no term called order priority. May be the person who asked this question wanted to confuse you.

When you create a sales order system automatically creates schedules lines, even if stock is not available, as per configuration made for Availability check or TOR.

There is a term called delivery priority. Delivery priority assignment is made in Customer mater info record or customer record. Customers with importance are given priority over others for delivery.

In your second part of question, there are various scenarios

If both customer agree for partial deliveries, system would reserve stock of 50 for first order and 50 for second order.

Other combinations are

70 & 30 if first customer does not allow partial delivery and second customer allows for partial delivery

70 & nil if both customers do not allow partial deliveries.

Once you create deliveries and if customer for second order has high priority than you can run re-scheduling at delivery stage and system would reserve and allocate full stock of 80 for second order.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi dilip

First of all there is no word like order priority we have delivery priority.

This delivery priority will be assigned in Customer master record ->sales area data->shipping tab

This delivery priority will be flowing to the sales order header tab.

Now say there are 2 sales orders where 1st sales order is for 50pcs and 2nd sales order is for 100pcs and the total stock is only 125.

The second order wont get fully confirmed as it is falling short of 25pcs.System will give the next delivery date for those 25pcs

But if you want to allocate the 25pcs of stock to the 2nd sales order then go to V_RA (back order processing) and manually change the quantity for that 1st sales order and increase the qty fr the 2nd sales order by 25pcs .In this way you can confirm

But if you want to confirm the sales orders based on the delivery priority basis when the sales orders are not confirmed then you can do rescheduling (V_V2) . In V_V2 select the delivery priority as per your requirement and then proceed. system will confirm the stock only for those sales orders which has that particular delivery priority



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Dear Dilip

In customer master Sales Area Data under Shipping tab, you are defining the Delivery Priority.

In SD Customizing you can define delivery priorites according to the needs of your organization. During sales order processing, the system proposes the delivery priority from either

o The customer master record, or

o The customer-material info record.

If both records exist, the system proposes the delivery priority from the customer-material info record. You can change the proposed value for each item.


G. Lakshmipathi