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Order/Notification Long Text Functionality

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Dear PM Experts,

In order to standardize PM Order/Notification Descriptions I am using the Standard Text functionality.

For example for a particular fault-description a symbol (say NVID) is defined (in SO10) and when used it will be expanded as required(say u201CNo Visualu201D). There can be number of faults entered for one Order/Notification.

Following are my concerns:


Every time I add a Standard text (in Long Text) it creates a new line and expands the text.

How to configure the long text functionality such that when i add a standard text itu2019ll add to the current line without creating a new line?


As per my requirement when I add Text using standard text (in long text) it should get reflected in the Description field.

here the issue is when I add standard text in Work Order - Long Text it gets reflected in the Order Description, but in Notification when I add standard text to Notification Long text itu2019s not getting reflected in the Notification Description/Short Text.

How to get the Notification long text reflected in to Notification Description/Short text ?



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I did something similar to your first requirement in the past. I used an ABAP enhancement to achieve it. Please, check with your ABAP team.