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order issue quantity should not be changed

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Dear all,

Can you please guide me how to restrict order issue quantity should not be modified in 261 movement type or it should pop up message..

If any standard are there pls let me know.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can do this by creating a screen / transaction variant with T-Code SHD0 (zero). In the variant make the quantity field as "Disply" only.

Alternatively, you can look into the possibilities with "WORKORDER_GOODSMVT".



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear ,

1.Try with this BADI : BADI MB_DOCUMENT_BADI which will help you in this regard.Refer the thread in this case :

2.Please follow these steps,

1. Use Tcode BS02 ( Customising USer status profile).

2. Select the order type which you want to configure (eg:PP000001) and choose "Details" button.

3. In the User status table do the following:

a. In the status no field type"1" , status field "Sta1", short text"GR not allowed", lowest no "1", Highest No "2". Mark a tick in the initial stats check box.

b.Next line, type status no field "2" ,status field "sta2", short text"Gr allowed", lowest no "2" , highest no "2".

4. Select the STA1 line and choose details. select the "create" the "GR for prod order", mark "forbidden

radio button" and "set radio button".

5. Select the STA2 line and choose details. Selct the "create"button. select "confirm order", mark "permitted radio button" and "set radio button". Next choose "GR for prod order" , mark "permitted radio button".

6.Save. Create a prod order and check whether the required scenario is working.

Or, Try the Enhancement - MBCF0002

Functional Module - EXIT_SAPMM07M_001

Include - ZXMBCU02

Try and revert back



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Thank U all replies.

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you can create transaction variant in SHD0 for the transaction that you are using for 261 movement - So, in this case you will blund the quantity field. After the blund, system will not allow to change the quantity.

Or, you can check for the enhancement for popup message with help of ABAPER.