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Order called before TECO of the previous - strategy plan

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Dear all,

I have a strategy maintenance plan with following parameters:

Tolerance (both - and +): 0

Shift factor (both late and early): 0%

Call horizon :95%

Completion Requirement: Yes

Scheduling indicator: Time

We are using background scheduling and we set the job to work once a week.

However, for the strategy plan, despite completion requirement, the next order is called every time the scheduling runs, although the previous call is not TECO. Up to now, there are ten orders that are scheduled despite the fact that the preceding call was not completed.

Could you please help me understand and solve the issue?

Thanks in advance,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Could you please share IP30 Variant screenshot which you are using for current background job.



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Right after I posted the thread, I came across SAP Note 1960778

The Note implies that due to batch input creation of the maintenance plan, MPLA-CALL_CONFIRM field can be marked with a lower-case x. However, the program expects an upper-case X in this field and therefore ignores the completion requirement.

I will correct the table entries via debugging as suggested.

Thanks for your kind response.


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