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ORDCHG Idoc not be generated for PO Header changes for Item Category X

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Hi all,

We are having a situation in which we should not transmit the PO created and changed for PO's with Item Category S. We are using NB as document type to create third party PO's in addition to regular PO's.

We are currently having a filter in our PI system to filter PO's created with Item Category S which is detected at Item level and these third party PO's created and changed at item level are not transmitted to target systems in PI.

However, when any header items in third part PO's are changed, as the check is happening at item level for third party PO's these PO changes are still transmitted through PI to target systems and not filtered in PI.

Please suggest a logic to suppress generating ORDCHG Idocs in SAP for the case above or any logic to help us filter these PO header changes for third party PO's in PI and not to transmit these PO's from PI to target systems.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The easiest way would be to separate those 3rd party POs from all other POs by using an extra document type.

Message determination in purchasing is not based on items, hence you cant restrict the message creation for 3rd party POs.

In general it is even better to "output" the messages than doing anything to not create such messages, since other activities depend on a successful output, e.g. the dunning process.

So you could define a dummy device NOPRINT and assign it in message conditions.

This could all be done with an extra document type and the usual message determination.

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