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OPUK – Combined influencing fields

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Hi Gurus

I have the following scenario I’ve not been able to solve:

In WBS Element field selection we need the following fields required: RAIP1-PRNAM and RAIP1-POSID with the combined influence:

If PROJ-PROFL is ‘INV’ then if PRSP-STUFE is ‘1’

If customizing both fields as influences, when PROJ-PROFL is other than ‘INV’ but level 1, the fields will be incorrectly required because of PRPS-STUFE = ‘1’.

Is there any way to solve this without ABAP?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, C.-

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Hi Cecilia,

I am not sure currently which transaction you use to create Projects.

The below would be my solution (Not sure if it meets your requirement)

a. Making the field mandatory could be acheived by Substitution (OPSN transaction).

b. Define 2 field key  (say X & Y)in the system (No fields to be maintained inside the field key)

c. For field key X, define the "Investment Program"& "Position ID"as mandatory field.

d. For field key Y, define the above fields as Input (or) display

e. In Project profile, make the default field key assignment to "Y'.

f. when you create Project definition by CJ20n, the above fields will appear as Input (or) display field.

g. Write a substitution rule, Pre-requisite - If Project profile contains INV, Level of WBS element = 1, substitute Field key " Y" to "X".

h. In cj20n, Choose Edit --> validation / substitution, which will change the field key to "X", where the fields will appear mandatory.

i. Save the Project.


Karthik Bhaskaran

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Thank you Karthik!!

Your answer is perfect.

Rgds, C.-