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Operator (>=) is missing for LOBM_VFDAT

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I have configured batch determination for a material which is configurable. Batches are determination incorrectly in delivery due to missing operator ">=" during delivery creation.

LOBM_VFDAT is determining as 05/20/2018 instead of >=05/20/2018 based on LOBM_RLZ. Apparently VFDAT was determined precisely couple of days back then I added LOBM_RLZ_PROZ then I got some dump. So I ran BMSM t.code in system. Then operator is missing for VFDAT in every transaction. I couldn't find the root cause for missing operator. Can you please advise your inputs to resolve this issue


Govind. A

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Answers (2)

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BMSM transaction issues a log, was there anything notable in that log? There are 5 OSS notes from 2016, part with high priority, regarding issues caused by authorization checks/missing authorization like this 2381958 - Batch determination does not work correctly

None says anything about lost operators, but they do also not really explain what exact issues are caused. So you should at least make sure that you have your system up-to-date with OSS notes and if it is then call SAP, as it happened after execution of a standard program

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