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Operations Subcontracting

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Can anyone explain in Detail about the Process flow of Operations Subcontracting scenario ?

Also let me know the customizing settings that need to be maintained to map the process in SAP.

Thanks and Best Regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Vijay,

Follow step by step procedure for Operations subcontracting:

Subcontracting: Operation Wise:

10, 20 & 30 total 3 operations. 10& 30 are internal, i.e., in-house and Operation 20 is External i.e. sending material for external processing u2013 subcontracting

The control key PP02 meant for external processing is to be allocated to the operation 20 in the routing.

Once you allocate PP02, in the operation detail screen Activate Subcontracting, then system will ask for the Purchase info record no.

(Create Purchase Info Record TC: ME11, Give Details of Vendor, Purchase Organization, Plant and Select Subcontracting Press ENTER, maintain the required data)

Next MD61, MD02, MD04. Then after confirm Operation 10,

Then external processing has to be started.

Go to operation overview in the prod order, choose operation 20 & double click.

Get the Purchase Requisition number from the external processing tab. Then convert into Purchase Order. (Using TC: ME58)

Send the Material to the Subcontractor using TC: ME2O or TC: MB1B with Movement Type: 541.

Then receive Material from Subcontracting Vendor by using TC: MIGO with Movement Type: 101.

(Goods Receipt with Reference to Purchase Order)

Then confirm Operation 20 &

Continue with Operation 30, Confirm Operation 30. Do GR by TC: MB31 Movement Type: 101.


Jagadeesh K

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Answers (1)

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Please refer this link,

[Operations Subcontracting|]