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Operational scrap problem

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Dear Gurus

Suppose I have got 5 operations in a routing say

10 Stranding

11 Inner Sheath

12 Nylon Bond Sheath

13 Inspection

14 Batteening

If we make 1000 Meters on operation 10 we will not have 1000 meters when we get to last opn because of waste in each operation. So we have a waste factor, Stranding 6%, Inner Sheath 7%, Nylon Sheath 7%, and inspection 8%. (Battening is 0%) I put this scrap percentages in the routing as per the operations.

When I ran a production order suppose for 1000 pc the system is taking 1000pc as opertional qty in first operation but after that it goes on reducing the operational qty according to the scrap percentages that has been set in operations in routing.,.

My question is how can the system calculate the percentages and give the value 1000 in the last operation.That means in the first operation system should propose 1310pc . How can this happen ?


Sandip Sarkar

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Answers (5)

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Hi Sandip

Maintain a Planned assembly scrap of 33.6 % in the assembly material master. (header material of the production order)

System will generate a requirement for 1336 meters in operation 010, and from this 6%, i.e. 80.16 meters, will be discarded due to operation scrap. Thus, 1255.84 meters will be available in 010.

Next, in operation 011, 7% is declared as operation scrap from a total of 1255.84 meters, which is equal to 1167.931 meters.

Following the same logic and applying planned scrap at each operation, we will have  1086.176 in 012, 1000 meters in 013 and 1000 meters in 014.Thus, the last operation will show 1000 meters as per your requirement.

Please test this and let me know if it solves your problem.


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Hi ,

value 1000 in the last operation , That means in the first operation system should propose 1310pc , yes i think you get the idea of operation scrap because operation scrap will reduce the scrap output as final quantity , so in order to accurate final quantity , you must more.


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Hi Sandip,

I am wandering if You got the solution for this question - I am actually having the same problem, and along with the decreased operational qty the calculation lot size is somehow different from my expectation - lot size is decreased also ith the routing operational scrap figures.

(Of Yourse You do not need to add it into the BOM, that will effect the component requirement not the activity overrun silly to name them similar- but for being precise the BOM-operaion scrap could be mainained acc to the routing operational scrap - for 7% scrap You need 7% more machine run and the 7% component - but thise check does not work in the system, not even if You assign the component to the operation - so I have an additional report to check the to together).

So have You managed to solve this problem - or stuck with it?

I would appreciate Your respond.

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Dear Sandip,

instead of maintaining the operation scrap in Routing, maintain it in BOM.

In the change BOM screen, click on "item" icon. Here in the Basic data tab, u'll see operation scarp field. Now maintain the QTY according to ur requirements. Also tick the 'Net ID' indicator near it(dont forget)

take MRP run and system will calculate the required qty for u.

If u know how system calculates the requirement QTY, u'll definitely understand this concept.

Plz revert back in case of any query.

With best regards,


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I'm not sure how exactly you defined the scrap in the routing, but if you did it right, and you use MRP planning, then if the required quantity of the produced material is 1000, MRP will create dependent requirements for the components taking into account the defined scrap.