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Operation Mode

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I have increased the number of work processes in the instance profile and restarted the instance. we have an operation mode (24hours) in place, which is not being reflected with the newly added work processes. I tried to edit it but couldn't succeed. Can some one help me how to edit (Adding new work processes) the operation mode with newly added work processes.

Next question is once the operation mode is place, when I switch the work process, how should I force the change. Ex: changed 10 back ground and 5 dialog to 10 dialog and 5 back ground. This is in a 24 hours of single operation mode.

Quick help is very much appreciated.



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Hi Preethi,

After defining of work proceses, ypu have to restart particular application server. Then only you can see the effect.

Just increase your work proceses and restart your application server. there is no need to create an operation mode thease because you told like you are maintaining 24 hours single operation mode.



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Hi Preeti,

please do this way,

1)first go to RZ04

2)choose create

3)enter name and title description of OP mode

4)give the short Description of mode(Day & Night)


6)so the Op Mode created

7)same the above steps to Night Mode also

8)define wp process destribution


How to define WP



3)choose instence/opmodes

4)choose select

5)click background field


7)the change new apper


9)repeat for all the other OP modes


i hope it will be some helpfull to you.

In real time once you set the opmodes you do not change means no need.if may be the load balence is high on wp that time you can change the wp.suppose workload is high on DIA but no load in Back, that time you can interchange the wp.

mainly we do opmodes in Night time only.once you set the opmodes almost you could not change because application servers are also in set in perfect manner



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Hello Reddy,

Thanks for your response. But I think you didn't completely understand the requirement.

We have an operation mode in place for 24 hours. When that was created it had only 8 Dialog and 4 Background work processes. Now we need more Dialog work processes. I increased the work processes at the instance level, but how can I add these increased work processes to the in place operation mode. This is my first question.

The second one is. With in the operation mode what we have, if I re-arrange the work processes, how would the change reflect. Few days back I manually moved few Dialog work processes to the Background work processes with in the operation modes, but the change didn't reflect. I had to restart the instance to see the changes reflect. Without a restart how should I make this happen.



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Dear Sinha,

You can do this define parameter Vai T Code RZ10 like background process rdisp/wp_no_btc = 2

Reward point if helpful


Pankaj Kumar